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animals/fashion book
Untitled (L.A.)
Yukari Bunka


dog (Annika) 2013 C print 34x51 cm

cat (Marlene) C print 20x30 cm / mouse (Mieks) C print 20x30 cm

donkey (Miles) C print 34x51 cm / butterfly (Rosali) C print 20x30 cm

pig (Maja) C print 20x30 cm / bird (Ferun) C print 20x30 cm

polarbear (Vanessa) C print 20x30 cm / raven (Kuba) C print 34x51 cm

frog (Lino) C print 20x30 cm / owl & bear (Vanessa and Fabian) C print 20x30 cm

dog (Luca) C print 20x30 cm / owl (Vita)
C print 20x30 cm

owl (Vita) 2013 C print 20x30 cm

animals (fashion book)
ongoing series of C-prints, 20x30 cm and 34x51 cm, 2013

The "fashion book" shows children wearing different animal costumes made by Elfriede Mislik, a resident of the Vienna Werkbundsiedlung. I met Miss Mislik while shooting a film about the model housing estate (see: > forms in relation to life)
In 1935 Elfriede Mislik moved with her parents into a house designed by Wagner-Freynsheim where she also raised her three children. Over the past decades Miss Mislik has sewn hundreds of costumes for theater and dance performances ranging from classic Grimm Tales, Max und Moritz, Struwwelpeter to all kinds of animal costumes.