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never neverland
three channel video installation, 2014

never neverland portrays three micro-communities in California, Austria and Slovenia engaged in developing models of social sharing as radical alternatives to our contemporary Western society. East Jesus, Momoland and Pachamama each focus on the individual experiences of those who have decided to change their lives by drastically countering a metropolitan lifestyle driven by a growing solipsism and an all-encompassing pursuit of profit. The three communities pursue instead a sharing and empathetic culture allowing larger space for freedom of expression of the individuals, their creativity, spirituality, and a life in harmony with nature. Contrary to the politics of withdrawal as an act of social escapism, these communities are all fully engaged in enhancing the experience of sociality to its maximum potential. Heidrun Holzfeind gives voice to existing alternatives of self and communitarian development, grounded in the will to bring forth concrete ideals of sharing, solidarity und sustainability in the present time. (Luigi Fassi)

Pachamama (HD video, 20 min, 2014) with Dhiraj and Osho Roschmann and Luz Soto Bravo
East Jesus (HD video, 18 min, 2014)
Momoland (HD video, 20 min, 2014) with Eva and Gert Schweiger, Agnes, Mario, Sami, Slip Cay and Iris Kaloo-Müller

concept/camera/editing: Heidrun Holzfeind; commissioned by steirischer herbst 2014